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Travel and MRI Safety

For travel convenience, SpF® Implantable Spine Fusion Stimulator patients are given one travel card that is packaged with the device, which provides the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) and MRI Centers with necessary information about the SpF® Implantable Spine Fusion Stimulator.

If you are in need of an SpF® Implantable Spine Fusion Stimulator travel card, please contact Biomet at 1.800.526.2579.

For Travelers
Your travel card provided with your implant may be used to inform TSA (Transportation Security Administration) of your device; however, these cards are not required. Most patients report that they travel through airport metal detectors without any problem.

MRI Safety Information
SpF® PLUS-Mini Implantable Spinal Fusion Stimulator
SpF®-XL llb Implantable Spinal Fusion Stimulator

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