Biomet Spine & Bone Healing Technologies

What is a Spine Fusion?

Spinal fusion joins one or more vertebrae to eliminate motion, to increase stability and aims at reducing pain. This is typically done by preparing some, or all, of the bone surfaces of the vertebrae to grow bone. That bone growth connects the two surfaces into one bony mass. Often the surgeon removes disc tissue during the procedure and prepares the space where the disc had been for bone fusion. Various devices, including rods, screws, plates, spacers, and hooks may be used to support the vertebrae while the bone grows and the fusion is completed. A surgeon may use some of the patient's bone or other biologic material to prepare the vertebra for fusion.

In the lower (lumbar) spine, an electrical stimulator may be implanted during the procedure, or worn after surgery, to help promote bony in-growth, which may facilitate spine fusion.

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